Vegetables Names Availability
Lettuce Iceberg Available
Lettuce Leafy Available
Lettuce Lollo Rosso Available
Lettuce Oakleaf Red Available
Lettuce Romaine Green Available
Lettuce Simpson Available


Vegetables Names Availability
Endive Available
Roquette/Arugula Available
Swiss Chard - Green Available
Swiss Chard - Multi- coloured Available

Continental Vegetables

Vegetables Names Availability
American Kale - Curled Leaves Available
American Kale - Flat Leaves Available
Avocado Available
Avocado Premium Available ( May - July )
Broccoli Available
Brussels Sprout Available
Carrot Baby Available
Cauliflower - Coloured Irregular
Celeriac (Root) Available
Celery Available
Celery Sticks Available
Chinese Gailon Broccoli Available
Edible Flowers - Calendula Available
Edible Flowers - Marigold Gem Available
Edible Flowers - Nasturtium Available
Fennel Available
Green Soybeans / Edamame Beans Fresh Available ( Aug - Nov )
Green Soybeans / Edamame Beans Frozen Available ( Sept - Mar )
Jerusalem Artichoke Available ( Nov - March )
Leeks Available
Heart of Palm Fresh (Cultivated) Available
Radicchio Available
Raddish Multicoloured Round Available
Radish Long Red Available
Romanesco Cabbage Available
Seedless Lime / Bearss Lime Available
Snow Peas Seasonal ( Jan - Mar )
Soyabean / Edamame Seasonal ( Aug - Mar )
Baby Spinach Available
Spinach Premium, Baby Available
Sugar Snap Peas Seasonal ( Jan - Mar )
Watercress Available

Chinese & Thai Vegetables

Vegetables Names Availability
Bamboo Shoot Available ( Jun - Sep )
Chinese Cabbage Available
Galangal/Thai Ginger Available
Kang Kong Available
Lemongrass Available
Makroot Fruit/Kaffir Lime Fruit Irregular
Makroot Leaves/Kaffir Lime Leaves Available
Pak Choi Available
Pak Choi, Baby Available
Pak Choi White Stem Available
Pandanus Leaves Irregular
Thai Bird Chilli Available
Thai Brinjal Available
Thai Mix Available
Thai Sweet Basil Available


Vegetables Names Availability
Cherry Tometoes
Black Cherry tomato Available
Red Cherry tomato Available
Spoon tomatoes Available
Sun Peach tomato Available
Sungold tomato Available
Mix Coloured Cherry tomato. Available
Tomato Large Coloured
Tomato Yellow Available
Tomato Red Available
Tomato Orange Available
Mix Coloured Large tomato Available

Addtional Products

Vegetables Names Availability
Ready To Eat Salad Available
Ready to eat salad with Baby Spinach Available
Ready to eat Salad with Assorted Microgreens Available
Rhubarb Available


Vegetables Names Availability
Basil Italian Available
Chives Available
Garlic Chives Available
Lavender Available
Oregano Available
Parsley Curled Available
Parsley Flat Available
Rosemary Available
Rosemary Green and White Leaves Available
Sage Available
Sweet Marjoram Available
Tarragon Available
Thyme Available


Vegetables Names Availability
Apple Mint Available
Cologne Mint Available
Lemon Balm Available
Orange Mint Available
Spearmint Available


Vegetables Names Availability
Alfalfa Sprouts Available


Vegetables Names Availability
Amaranthus Available
Beetroot Available
Mung Available
Mustard Available
Onion Available
Peas Shoot Available
Radish Red Available
Roquette Lettuce Available
Sunflower Available
Watercress Available



Fruits Names Availability
All Year Round
Guava Thai Available
Kumquat Nagami ( oval ) Available
Mulberry Available
Blackberry Available ( Dec - April )
Carambola/Star Fruit Available
Dragon Fruit (Red Flesh) Available ( June - Oct )
Dragon Fruit (White Flesh) Available ( June - Oct )
Jaam Red Available ( Feb - March )
Jaam White Available ( Feb - March )
Kumquat Meiwa (round) Irregular
Litchi Available ( Apr - May )
Longan Available ( Jun - Aug )
Miracle Fruit Irregular
Pumello Available ( Jan - May )
Raspberry Irregular
Star Apple Available ( Feb - April )
Strawberry Available ( May - Nov )
White Sapote Available ( Mar - Jun )
Thai Jackfruit Available ( Aug - March )


Cut Flowers

Flowers Name Availability
Agapanthus Season (Dec-Feb & May-June)
Alstroemeria Round the year
Amaranthus R & D Stage
Amaryllis R & D Stage
Calla Lily (White) Round the year
Campanula R & D Stage
Clivia R & D Stage
Crocosmia R & D Stage
Daffodil / Narcissus R & D Stage
Delphinium R & D Stage
Foxglove Round the year
Freesia Available ( Nov - Apr )
Gladiolus Irregular
Gomphrena Round the year
Gomphrena Pink Round the year
Gypsophila R & D Stage
Heliconia Irregular
Hollyhock Irregular
Hydrangea Round the year
Liatris R & D Stage
Lisianthus / Eustoma Round the year
Ornithogalum Round the year
Purple Torch Round the year
Ranunculus R & D Stage
Salvia Round the year
Snapdragon Round the year
Statice Round the year
Yarrow Round the year
Drumstick Flower,Yellow Candy Round the year

Sweet William

Flowers Name Availability
Sweet William - Pink Beauty Round the year
Sweet William - Purple Beauty Round the year
Sweet William - Rose Beauty Round the year
Sweet William - Purple Supreme Round the year
Sweet William - Red Supreme Round the year
Sweet William - Rose Supreme Round the year


Flowers Name Availability
Sunflowers - Bicolor Seasonal ( Jul - Mar )
Sunflowers - Burning Seasonal ( Jul - Mar )
Sunflowers - Shanta Seasonal ( Jul - Mar )
Sunflowers - Sona Seasonal ( Jul - Mar )


Flowers Name Availability
Chrysanthemum - Giant Magic Round the year
Chrysanthemum - Giant White Round the year
Chrysanthemum - Giant Brown Round the year
Chrysanthemum - Giant White Ball Round the year
Chrysanthemum - Silver Brown Round the year
Chrysanthemum - Mini Pink Round the year
Chrysanthemum - Purple Small Round the year
Chrysanthemum - White Spray Round the year
Chrysanthemum - Yellow Spray Round the year


Flowers Name Availability
Asiatic Lily Round the year
Oriental Lily Round the year
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