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I'm Samar Gupta, primarily growing vegetables on 110 acres at Talegaon, near Pune, India. My passion though is growing fruit trees and have been collecting them quite extensively over the last five years.

I've got about 23 acres under fruit planted so far and plan to expand it to 35 by the end of 2002. My Litchi Rose Scented, a cultivar from Bihar, India are currently fruiting and we expect to sell about 750 kgs in May, 2001.

One of the lessons I have learnt the hard way about farming of any kind is that reliable water supply is essential. Most other problems can be sorted out, but unreliable irrigation is pretty much loosing the race before you begin.

Experience of an amateur Litchi grower in Western India

Thailand - My horticultural paradise (photos)

Hylocereus undatus, Dragon Fruit,

aka Pitaya, Strawberry Pear, Cereus peruvianus, Cereus triangularis

Adenium obesum at the Thailand Sukhumvit Fair Dec, 2000

aka Desert Rose, Impala Lily, A. multiforum, A. coetanum, Zones 11-12

Fruit exhibition in Bangkok, Dec, 2000, Vegetables, Flowers and other misc snaps

Wild plants of the Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India

Don't know any of their names, Latin or common, but these are a few that caught my eye