Brussels Sprouts

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These small green orbs are members of the cabbage family with the same ability to be enjoyed raw in salads or slaws or turned into tender, caramelized nuggets of goodness when cooked. But before you get to cooking them, you need to prep them.

The size of the sprout is an indicator of its flavor. The smaller the Brussels sprout, the more tender and sweet it is; the larger the Brussels sprout, the more it tastes like cabbage.

Trim off the bottom stem of the sprouts if they are dry or yellowed. Peel off and discard any outer leaves that are yellowed or blemished. Cut the sprouts in half, making sure to halve the sprouts down their length to keep the leaves still attached to the base.

Take care only to cook them until tender. Roast, bake, saute, braise, steam or boil whole sprouts; or shred and stir-fry.

The flavor of roasted or fried Brussels sprout is superior over boiling or braising since the former are firm, caramelized, and nutty rather than bitter.

Frying Brussels sprout creates the best flavor while roasting comes in a close second. If you overcook these little cabbages, they will chemically transform into mush. The goal is to caramelize the outside while maintaining a firm and nutty interior. Also, keep in mind that carry-over cooking will continue to soften the veggies a bit once they've come out of the oven so plan accordingly.‍

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