Lettuce Lollo Rosso

Rs. 110

Lollo Rosso is an Italian red loose-leaf lettuce variety. The frilly and curled, fan-shaped leaves are light green in the center and transition to a deep red-maroon around the edges. grows in a tightly compact, rosette shape whose leaves do not form a head and are made up of single branches.

Lollo Rosso lettuce is tender, crisp, and chewy with a sweet, slightly bitter, and nutty flavor.

Lollo Rosso lettuce is best suited for raw applications as its bright color, curly texture, and mild taste is showcased when fresh.

The leaves are most popularly added to salads with other greens as the curly leaves increase the surface area and have the ability to catch and hold salad dressing.

Remove any of the older outer leaves, trim off the base (and roots) and wash leaves well. Alternatively, remove as many leaves as you need and keep the rest intact for later.

The leaves can also be used as a garnish, layered in sandwiches, torn and sprinkled over soups. The leaves will keep up to four days when stored in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.

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