Lettuce Romaine Green

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Also known as Cos Lettuce, Romaine has sturdy leaves which are refreshingly crisp as a base in everyday salads and sturdy enough to hold up to heat for grilling or sauteing. In recent years, romaine has become a grilling staple along with other vegetables.

Famously featured in Caesar salad, romaine lettuce has a sweet, gentle flavor and a crisp bite that stands up well to punchy flavors. The hearts (the interior, lighter colored leaves) are especially crunchy and refreshing and will stay crisp even with a warm dressing, making romaine a good choice for main-course salads.

I love hearts of romaine for their fresh, crunchy ribs, which are such a contrast to the softer leaves. The mild flavor of this leafy green also makes it a blank canvas when it comes to using it in recipes. Romaine is lovely when dressed with a simple lemon and vinegar dressing.

Romaine is one of the most versatile types of lettuce. The long green leaves are widely desired for their ability to stay crunchy in a salad without quickly wilting. Can be used whole, quartered, or chopped in dishes.

Romaine lettuce is a type of head lettuce that is typically deep green with elongated leaves. Known for its mild flavor and crisp texture.

Romaine does a stand-up job in a tossed salad, of course, but I like it even better when chopped very small and mixing it with grains, other veggies, and nuts. I’ve actually found that the romaine stays pretty crunchy for several days when prepared this way, so it works well for a make-ahead lunch salads.

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