Eureka Lemon Green

Rs. 150
Eureka lemons have a bright citrus flavor that is very tart owing to the fruit's acidity. The juice is frequently sweetened with sugar or added in small quantities to dishes to lend a fresh tartness.

They are oblong shaped and noticeably larger in size with bright, textured, sunny thick skin and juicy. The rind is full of volatile oils, providing an intense citrus aroma. Eureka lemons have a pronounced blossom-end knob.

Eureka offers a tart and acidic flavour. It is moderately sweet, but is known for a tang that can make your mouth pucker.

Eureka lemons may be used in wide range of applications, from sweet to savory. They can be made into marmalades or used in baked goods, such as lemon meringue pie, and their zest can be infused into oils. Both its zest and juice can be used in cocktails, syrups, marinades, and dressings. Pair with other citrus, tea, or fresh fruits and vegetables. Their slices or wedges can be used as a garnish.

The zest from the outer peel has a fragrant lemon flavor that lacks tartness or sweetness. The white pith, between the outer peel and juicy flesh, is dry and bitter.

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