Husk Cherry/Goose Berry

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Indian Gooseberry, Ground Cherry, Ras Bhari, Cape Gooseberry - This has a lot of names.

This underrated fruit is a smooth berry, resembling a miniature spherical yellow tomato. Equipped with their own papery wrappers (or husks), resembling small, straw-colored Japanese lanterns.

It is sweet when ripe, with a characteristic, mildly tart flavor. They taste like sweet melon, tomato, citrus uniqueness. Texturally has skin like a tomato, juicy, with tiny crunchy seeds for texture but not the annoying kind that get stuck in your teeth. The flavor is distinctive, quite sweet and a bit wild. The sweet-tart flavor profile lends itself well to both sweet and savory dishes.

Fruits can be eaten raw, dried like raisins, frozen, or made into salsas, salads, chutneys, ice creams, jams, cooked pies, and desserts. One of the wonderful characteristics of ground cherries is how long they last after harvest if not removed from their paper husk and stored in a mesh bag at 10 centigrade.

Its normally available in India for less than two months of the year, but we're hoping to offer it for eight months of the year from our Ooty farms.

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