Hydrangea Cut Flower

Rs. 250

Hydrangea are extremely dependable, durable, easy to care for, and, most importantly, floriferous. They even look great dried out!

They have a gorgeous and unique appearance, characterized by large, pom-pom shaped, pink, white, and blue blooms.

There’s nothing shy about hydrangeas and they add drama to any arrangement! These enormous pom-poms crowded with lacy star-shaped blooms epitomize lavish beauty and femininity. They fill any vase with mounds of vibrant color and have long sturdy stems that create towering displays.

There’s nothing like hydrangeas to create a dramatic centerpiece or feminine bouquet in shades of white, cream, blushing pinks, raspberry, violet, lavender, periwinkle, or cobalt blue. These large beautiful blooms are reliable and long lasting.

Here’s the good news when it comes to cut hydrangea care: hydrangeas are notoriously tough and resistant to external damage. The bad: as their name implies, they need a whole heck of a lot of hydration to live a long and full life.

Refresh your Hydrangeas as they’ll be thirsty as ever when you get them. Immerse the flower head too in chilled water to full dehydrated the plant.

After your bouquet has faded, hydrangeas are easily dried by hanging upside down for a few weeks.

Has a vase life of 5 to 6 days.

Note: Images are only for illustrative purposes, actual product and colour may slightly differ.

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