Purple Cauliflower

Rs. 100
Purple cauliflower: it’s intriguing, alluring, and powerful.

Roasting cauliflower lightly caramelizes the sugars in the vegetable. It brings the sweetness, savoriness, and nuttiness out of the cauliflower. Simply toss the cauliflower in some olive oil, season it with salt and pepper and roast it in the oven. Its a super easy side dish that brightens any dinner table and is sure to bring excitement and lively dinner conversation. 

Purple cauliflower is said to taste nuttier and sweeter than white cauliflower and does not have the slight bitterness sometimes found in white cauliflower. You can usually steam, simmer and roast purple cauliflower and it will retain its color. Serious overcooking will wash out some of the brightness of the colour.

Purple cauliflower lets you add a vibrant color to a party vegetable dip, salad or vegetable roast.

The purple color is natural. It is the antioxidant anthocyanin that gives it the purple pigment.

Note: Images are only for illustrative purposes, actual product and colour may slightly differ.

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