Thai Long Coriander

Rs. 25

Thai Long Coriander is also called Saw Tooth Coriander, Spiny Coriander, Culantro (not Cilantro). It's native to Central America and the Caribbean, hence why Thais call it 'Foreigner Coriander'. It's mainly used to flavor soups, noodles and curries.

The aroma of Thai long coriander is very pungent and strong. It is similar to fresh coriander leaves, to which they also taste much stronger, but are similar.

The leaves need to be chopped as they are tougher than the regular coriander. The leaves of perennial coriander will put up with some cooking unlike regular coriander. Use leaves in stir-fries, soups, salads, curries and salsa.

The first time you smell this herb it will bring back strong memories of the smells of a Thai food kitchen.

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