Edamame Frozen Whole

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Edamame are immature green soyabeans that are often served as an appetizer. In Japan and China edamame is a common snack like eating roasted peanuts is for us. A great protein snack for a party which is the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Edamame is not only delicious to snack on but also packed with a nutritional punch. Like most beans, soybeans are sweeter and have more umami before they are fully mature.

Add the fully frozen edamame without thawing when the salted water reaches a boil for ten minutes (5 grams salt in 450 ml water), and then refresh in ice-cold water to keep their bright green colour. Sprinkle salt before serving. 

This has worked well for us but the length of time will depend on personal choice a lot, since some like the inner bean to only be minimally cooked and have some bite while others prefer it melting soft. Also the amount of salt is something you will have to adjust to your taste. So start testing them around six minutes into the boil.

The pods can also be steamed, microwaved or shallow fried if you prefer. The beans can then be extracted from the pods after cooking.You can quick blanch edamame and pan fry them seasoning with soy sauce and some hot pepper. You can also toss the shelled edamame into your salads or fried rice.

Cook just enough that the pods should easily release the beans from the outer skin when you pull the pod between your front teeth, but avoid overcooking where the outer skin begins to disintegrate.

Soybeans are highly nutritious, and they often become a cornerstone of plant-based diets thanks to their high protein levels.­ Indeed, about 15 per cent of the bean is protein. They also contain all nine of the essential amino acids, and are one of the only vegetables to do so.

Takes more work but if you cut and trim off both ends of the pods, the salt water will season the soybeans inside the pods when boiling.

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